It was a bad day for shorts

So, it’s been a week since my last amazing blog, and since then a lot has happened. I’m joking of course, nothing that much does happen. Friday is the release of Rockband in Europe and I am so hyped about it coming out. Friday is a double edged sword for me in some respects. On one side I have a Politics exam in the morning and three Philosophy exams in the afternoon, and on the other side I have Rockband.

I have been waiting for a good six months for this colossal title and I feel it incredibly unfair for European gamers to a) have to wait half a year longer than their yankee cousins and b) the price is so much higher due to what they call “shipping costs”. For some reason, EA can justify a double in price from the US release and the EU release. They have released some bull shit on it as to why but at the end of the day it all goes back to shipping costs. EA claim that the “Band in a Box” version doesn’t contain the discs for the fact that the boxes are compiled in the EU whilst the games are produced in China. They say it would be too expensive and counter-productive to send the boxes to China, open them, put a game in and then seal them again. Wouldn’t it have made sense, or business management, to produce the games in Europe? I think that EA are trying to eBay us. What they are doing, and what most eBay sellers do, is blame the high prices on the indefinate and convenient obstacle of; shipping costs. I have seen so many reviews on Amazon that say “oh yar this game is gud bt teh price is 2 high.” or “dnt bai it!”. These reviews seem to be written by haters, and lolcats, who use the price of the game to justify their reasons of disliking it. I mean, everyone can have their opinion and a high price is definately a reason not to buy a game, but giving one star reviews based on the price of the game is not productive and doesn’t tell anyone about the game. People can see the price of the game at the top of the page and can make their own minds up as to whether or not, as Brucie says, the price is right.

-Rock Band coming out

Well, that’s the rant out of the way and now I want to say a thing or two about what has been happening round my way. College has been fairly easy this week so far due to the fact that most lessons are cancelled for the lack of AS students and there being General Studies exams. I don’t start tomorrow until 2.15 which is awesome. I need to do bare revision for Friday and I don’t think I’ll get it all done. Atleast Friday will bring a party, two weeks of study leave and Rock Band. Saturday is also going to be awesome and will see me attending a Pokémon themed party where everybody has to go dressed as a Pokémon. If two people go as the same thing, they have to have a pokébattle. Should be interesting… I’ll give you a hint as to whom I’m going as, although my costume will be long caught. It’s a cryptic clue.

Oh, I almost forgot, the title of this post is meant to detail my horrors of wearing shorts today, only to find it very chilly later on. That’s all. It’s not a “bad day for shorts” because they were subject to short genocide, but if they were, it would be short and outlived. A joke.


~ by robertftaylor on May 20, 2008.

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