The half-term burn

Well, I shall have to explain the monstrosity above this well constructed and well thought out post. I was originally creating a massive image of kittens and zoo animals attacking Kingston with lasers and shit when Paintshop Pro gave up and died in a magnificent spectacle of “Paintshop Pro has encountered an error.” It was such a huge event, I’m thinking of receiving aid from international agencies seeing as Burma won’t take it. The reason I included Kingston being attacked was because I went there today and it was hot and filled with children. I don’t especially like children and the heat wasn’t made any better by yours truly being a dipshit and taking a coat. I got bored and angry at Paintshit Poo and had a kitten attacking Big Ben. I only did this because I saw the DVD for “American Werewolf in London” and I thought, “why not?”.

Anyway, once I got home I sat down and read The Sun of all unholy pieces of garbage. I have told my parents that The Sun lacks any journalistic talent (apart from managing to keep its braindead target audience reading something) and is more extremist than most the extremists that they report on. With The Sun, the only thing they report on are immigrants, “teens out of control” and the “bloody” tax raises. It really annoys me when the media reports on rises on violent crime despite figures of violent crime actually falling. It was ITV News earlier tonight that had one reporter saying; “although violent crime has decreased, it doesn’t feel like it. Why do you think that is?” Ermm, because you report on it more and more because it’s a fucking easy story to report. Someone gets stabbed, someone gets arrested and they go to court. All my sympathies go out to the Knox and Aslam families but the media seem to be escalating the scale of the problems. They report on these kinds of stories and then even ask themselves why media coverage has increased and then hide the reason up their arses.

I personally have never had a knife pulled on me but I’m not the kind to get into a situation where there has been a reason for a knife, or any weapon, to be brandished. I have been subject to random verbal and minor physical harassment but you have to rise above it and ingore them. The newspapers make out that the victims of knife crime are entirely innocent and have no reason to be blamed for what has happened. The fact that Rob Knox was white and was an aspiring actor has helped them to create the image that he didn’t have a part to play in the events that unfolded. It is incredibly distressing and nobody deserves to be killed at such a young age, or any age, but they can’t be entirely blameless. What needs to happen is that people need to be taught morality and the value of life.

It is not the police being too lax, it’s a failure of the education system.

Sorry about the rant, I’m sure I’ll have something more positive and funny to say at another time but the media seem to be creating their own news in order to report on more stories and keep their audience attentive. Oh, by the way, YOU SUCK!


~ by robertftaylor on May 27, 2008.

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