Doctor Who and nothing

Well, today was a Saturday, which is usually met by rejoice by most normal people, but I embraced it with woeful boredom. I was asked to get up ‘early’ today, for my girlfriend had work at four so if I wanted to see her it would have to be ‘early’. To me, 10am is a fairly decent lie in on a normal routine. In fact, it is more befitting the lifestyle of an Arabian Prince, but to me, 10am is early. If I were in my normal college routine, I would relish at the thought of getting up at 10am. However, seeing as I have been getting up at 11:30, at a push, 10am is very early. Suffice to say, I am quite tired as this is being scribed.

Enough of me moaning about how cushy these next couple of weeks are going to be, for my first exam is not until the 12th of June. This means that I have nearly two weeks (on top of the week we’ve had off for half-term) to do revision. Now, after one week of being off I have read a book, gotten bored of Rock Band and learnt all of the weapon placements on Ghost Town. This meant that I finally finished “Fat” by Rob Grant. This book is sublimely written and feels nowhere near as contrived as “Incompetence”. Although “Incompetence” does feel rigidly constructed and built for purpose it is funnier and a more pleasant read. “Fat” follows three characters simultaneously and generates enough interest in each story that wants you willing that the next chapter continues their story and not one of the others. It is a very touching book and deals with obesity, anorexia and the failings of scientific journals that contradict and how cholesterol in food is not linked to cholesterol in our bodies. Wow, that review is quite befitting for an Amazon review and I may have to ctrl c + v that later.

As far as my day went, I spent most of it with the girlfriend and the rest of it contending with absolute wankers and cock goblins on the road. It just fucking winds me up when some smarmy cunt in his Jag disobeys the Highway Code and as you try to contend and ask them to move, they just look at you with their vision being clouded by those new glasses you can get at the Cunts and Toffs shop called “Jerk Vision”. This one guy was supposed to wait for me to go through a small opening at the end of a road that only inhabits one car at a time. The cock in question decides to partially block the entrance so I have to squeeze through. Although this was easily done (whilst going up the kerb) the look on that twat’s face just made me angry. So, if you were driving a silver car in Walton near Sainsburys by the Homebase car park and got in the way of a black Peugeot 306, I hope you leave a comment with your address so I can park my car across your drive, but leave you enough room to scrape your penis-mobile against your shitty brick wall.

Now, on to the serious note of what I showcased in my lovely altered image. I played Halo 3 and found it a dull lullaby to pass the time whilst I waited for the Reaper to come and take the essence of my life. Nobody was on and I had nothing to do besides going on Forge and driving Ghosts off the side of Blackout. The other low highlight of my day was Doctor Who. This weeks episode was boring, slow and uninspiring. That’s all I need to say about that, but it was the advert before the episode that got my attention. It showed, surprise fucking surprise, that the Daleks will be back. Again. Talk about flogging a dead horse. I know, it’s good that they are finally putting Davros back in the series (sorry if you didn’t know that already), but the Daleks are back again. Seriously. I thought the Daleks were dead but I’m sure they can account it to having something to do with the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

What next? A gay pilot who lives for eternity? Oh wait, they already did that.


~ by robertftaylor on May 31, 2008.

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