Hay fever sucks

[EDIT: The Halo 3 screenshots section has been updated…again!]

Today was horrible. Not because I went outside and actually did stuff today (well partly, due to being outside) but because of hay fever. Now, if you don’t suffer from hay fever, you will have no idea what it is like for people to have it. Imagine having a cold that lasts from May til July that also causes you to sneeze constantly, make your eyes red and itchy and causes the back of your throat to be incredibly fucking itchy. Well, today it was incredibly bad and made my day really intolerable. I had to help my Grandad cut the hedges outside of his house because he is 70 something and it was incredibly difficult for him to do it himself. So, Loz and I went down to help and did it all by ourselves in little under an hour and a half. Not too shabby. Afterwards, we were absolutely knackered, God knows what it would have been like for him.

Anyway, the problem came later once my allergy tablet had worn off, for my shirt and jeans were covered in pollen and has caused my nose to run for the majority of the day. The rest of my day was pretty dull and I just drove to my local shopping centre to get a job. Quite an irony to put employment agencies in shopping centres. People only go shopping if they have money, why would they be looking for a… Well, you get the idea with that. This proved to be unsuccessful and they said they would contact me if anything came up.

Although they said they would get back to me, one agency asked if I wanted to do litter picking at Ascot in the evenings. Errrmm, no. I wouldn’t really. I hate touching anything that anyone else has eaten or drank from and working in catering and putting my hands in people’s dinner is one thing I just can not do. I think I may have an OCD about that. I really can’t stand touching other people’s wet food. I also don’t like sharing food or sitting in a room with the door open.

Well, it’s Friday night and not a lot is happening this way. I think I may play some Xbox later and then watch 8 out of 10 cats at 10pm. I’m so glad that there is a new series, but I’m upset that they have only managed to put it in the programme schedule due to Peep Show being over. Ahh well.

Another battle lost, but another one will soon develop.


~ by robertftaylor on June 13, 2008.

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