Exams and feeling unwell

Me holding a DS

Ok, so no funny image about Dr. Who today but that’s because I am so tired. I had to get up at 6.45 today and will have to do that tomorrow. I know that it isn’t too hard to get up at that time, but after 3 weeks of getting up at 11.30 it was very exhausting adjusting to this new time. Just a small little update today (you’re safe from a 500 word rant today) as I have exams for the rest of this week. I had two exams today and I have another one tomorrow. I then have an exam every day this week until the 20th (Friday). I don’t feel that well at all and have a massive cough and a bunged up nose. I blame this on a combination of hay fever and sleeping under an open window.

My exams didn’t go too badly today, I was just very bored and nearly fell asleep in the exam. Falling asleep in exams is something I tend not to do due to the fact that I am in the exam hall for a reason. I might as well honour that reason. After my exams I went to the pub and drank two pints of Strongbow in quick succession. I felt very tired after that.

I want the end of the week to appear as if by magic and cast me goodbye from the monotony of exams.


~ by robertftaylor on June 17, 2008.

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