Empty house and Halo 3

This week has gone past rather quickly but also very slowly at the same time. My parents have gone away for the week and have left us at home all by ourselves. Now, this was received with a mixed reaction for very good reasons. The positive side is that we don’t have our parents nagging us or telling us to be quiet when they’re trying to get to sleep. The negative side to them going away is the colossal levels of housekeeping that needs to be done. When you feel hungry, another side of you takes over that you never thought you had before. You start to use as little cutlery as possible and only use one glass a day. You start to nag if your dinner leaves you with bones on the plate that need to be thrown away in the bin or if you should really have the last of the milk because that then leaves you with a surplus of extra things that need doing. Take the milk example further. Having the last of the milk then requires you to rinse out the bottle, dispose of the lid, squash down the bottle, get out another bottle of milk and then taking a frozen bottle of milk and putting that in the fridge as well. It’s all extra work to do considering that you don’t need that glass of Nesquik.

Now that my parents are away, I don’t think to myself “Hooray, they’re gone!”, it’s more along the lines of “Oh no, they’re going to be back soon and we need to get the chicken off the ceiling.” Now, this isn’t to say that my parents are super clean freaks, they’re just a bit conservative about things. By conservative, I don’t mean a bunch of posh racists (oh the satire) but that they tend to expect a lot from us. My dad for example, takes things quite literally. When it came round to election time, I always ask, “Who did you vote for?”, his response is: “It’s a secret ballot for a reason.” Now, I can understand what he means, but I’m hardly going to start ringing up the Labour party in our local area and saying, “You know Br Ta? He voted for the Tories.” My dad has always taken things too literally. I remember one day going to the park and we were walking through a little woodland that they had behind it. We were going up a little footpath which came to a gate. On that gate was a sign that said “Warning. Running dyke ahead.” Now, this sign was warning us of a small river, but my dad has never let us go back since.

It’s not only the English Language that my dad can be conservative or literal about. In my house, our parents have never told us how much money they earn. The only way you could tell if my parents had had a pay rise was if the toilet paper was triple ply instead of double.

Seeing as my parents have been away, I’ve been playing less Halo 3 and I have been more concerned with the washing up and if the dishwasher needs emptying. I find it difficult to ensure that we have enough food to feed three people every night despite the fact that my parents have given us enough food to last through World War Three.

I’ve also made another Halo 3 Wallpaper. It really doesn’t take too long to do and is just the case of me finding a screen shot and then placing some shitty LOLCats writing over the top. Although, I must say that I have done a sterling job…

Click to enlarge.


~ by robertftaylor on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Empty house and Halo 3”

  1. What up man, thats some funny stuff you wrote there I love the TP pun. You should join Haloramics, a group dedicated to taking a bunch of H3 screens overlapping them and then putting them up for critiquing in the group forums.

    I’m new to Word Press so I don’t know if stickies work on blog replys so heres the URL to the group.

  2. Haloramics @ Bungie.net

    Lets see if this one works

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