Ninja exam

So, the title of the post may be a little misleading to some. This post is a combination of a Halo 3 wallpaper I did that includes a ninja and my A level results that will be arriving soon. There is no real ninja exam because the true ninjas that take it will chop the desks in half with ninja mind powers. This may also not be true.

Earlier this week, I found out how to do something really cool on Forge that allows your character model to have no weapons. A plus point on this is that it doesn’t involve hacking or modding in any way and is also incredibly easy to do. All you have to do is:

  • Go into Forge mode
  • Spawn a Battle Rifle (or any weapon other than your starting weapon which is AR by default)
  • In monitor mode, look at the white diamond respawn point thing and turn into human
  • Make sure that when you can pick up the weapon as human, if you turn into monitor, ensure that the cursor is still over the respawn point of the weapon
  • When in human mode, pick up the weapon by pressing the Right Bumper and quickly turn into monitor mode
  • When in monitor mode, press Y on the white respawn to delete the respawn point
  • Turn back into human and voila! No weapon.

If I haven’t explained that fully, check out the video tutorial on youtube for a better explanation. PLUS it has moving pictures!

So yeah, haven’t been up to much these last couple of days and have actually been awaiting my A level results that I will get on Thursday. Now, I don’t need to do extremely well and I’m not exactly worried about whether or not I will have enough UCAS points to get into University, it’s just it feels a little bit out of my hands at the moment. I need to be able to say for certain what will happen to me for the next three years and it seems like it is out of my control for now. I’ve had dreams all of this week regarding my exam results and this has caused me to wake three or four times a night being anxious about the ‘big day’. A lot of people that I know who will also be receiving their results have actually shown great hatred towards me whenever I mention results day and tell me to, as they would say; “shut the fuck up“. I’ve never seen the big fuss surrounding exams and have never understood the anxiety that they appear to create. As students we are given so many leaflets by teachers and learning support advisers on the ‘stresses of exams’. I have never understood the supposed stress surrounding the taking of exams but I now feel that I am well versed in the stress of the results.

Now, before you start thinking, “why should you be worried about the results if you weren’t worried about the exam itself?” Well, it’s that very reason as to why I’m nervous. I need to ask myself, “Why wasn’t I worried about the exams?”, “Was I being too optimistic or was it that I just didn’t know anything to be worried about?” These are the questions that have caused me much more anxiety than the ones on the exam paper.

The results that I get will determine what I will do for the next three years of my life. Will I sit around all day and wonder what I’ve done with my life, or will I fail my exams and get a job?

(New wallpaper what I made below. Click to enlarge!)

Click to enlarge.


~ by robertftaylor on August 12, 2008.

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