Rubbed up the wrong way

Well, I got my new laptop from Dell last Friday and everything with it has been great. It loads quickly, it hardly makes a noise and it stays relatively cool. However, the touch sensitive buttons above the keyboard have stopped working. Before, you could just glide over them and you would be greeted by its majestic blue light. Now they don’t work at all and it is very frustrating. It’s just that I got this laptop and now it isn’t working fully as it should be. When I got it, it felt perfect and now it has been tarnished by this bad experience with the lights and buttons not working. Everything else on it works fine except for these buttons.

So, in order to sort this problem out, I spent an hour on the phone last night speaking to a Dell representative who I must say was very pleasant and tried to assure me that it was just a software fault. I’ve heard other people have been sure that it is a hardware problem but Dell try to run through the idea that it is the user’s fault and not theirs. However, after running me through downloading a BIOS update, the man finally got the idea that it was a hardware fault. So, it looks like a bloke from Dell will be coming round on Friday to fix the problem with the hinge apparently. I personally think it is a problem with a cable inside, but if he thinks that it is a problem with the hinge, go ahead mate and good luck with it.

Due to the fact that I haven’t got any decent picture editing software yet, I had to use paint in order to create today’s image. It took me about 3 minutes and lacks any artistic value. I apologise now for the pain that it has created upon your eyes and will try never to do this again. Note the emphasis on try.

My internet is also not working, so if you do actually get round to reading this, it was written way before the time that it was posted so if this doesn’t get posted until after Dell Man has come round, well that’s tough shit.

Also, to add insult to injury, I have to go to the dentists today. Fuck.

EDIT: I’ve been to the dentists and all is fine with my perfect teeth. I think I shall eat a bag of toffees to celebrate this. I’ve also found out what was wrong with the internet. Our wireless router has packed in and won’t allow internet access via wireless or ethernet connection. So, my dad has dragged out an old behemoth of a router and our house is now full of wires running everywhere. Ahh well, at least the internet is accessible again.


~ by robertftaylor on August 28, 2008.

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