Well well well, Dell

So, Dell Man (and Robin) came round on Friday and wanted to fix my laptop. They arrived at about 11am and I, being the student that I am, was still in bed. I heard them come into the house and I woke up and thought that it would be in my best nature to have a shower and then help me dad assist the aforementioned superheroes. However, by the time I had had my 5-10 minute shower, they had already buggered off. The cheek of it all. Well, to my delight, I made it downstairs and saw that the touch sensitive pad was now working (HUZZAH!). I am really happy with the service I have had from Dell and the haste at which they repaired my lappy.

In other news, it shall be my birthday on Thursday and I will become the ripe old age of 19 years. I used to always get really excited about my birthday until a couple of years ago. When I turned 16, there were no more good birthdays until I was 18. Now that 18 has come and gone, the next milestone is 21. I don’t know who got to decide which years are milestones and which years aren’t, but 19 doesn’t seem to be one. Sure, it’s my last year as a teenager, and sure I’ll soon be 20, but 19 years old doesn’t feel that special to me. Or anyone for that matter. However, all I know is that my 19th year on this planet will be a very turbulent and exciting one. It will be my first year at University and there will be plenty of challenges lying ahead for me. I have a sort of checklist for my 19th year and I want to stick true to it.

  • Get stuck in at Uni and work hard on my course
  • Make lots of new friends
  • Maybe try my hand at stand-up comedy
  • Fail hard at stand-up comedy
  • Get into shape
  • Film anything and everything
  • Try and write my first screenplay

Well, that is a very tall order for a very short person. Well, I’m not that short. I’m 5’11” but I want that last inch to become 6′. Hmm, I shall tie my legs and head to string and ask some ruffians to pull at either end. Maybe then, just maybe will I become 6 foot tall.

If I don’t, well, I’m sure I can just wear bigger soles in my shoes.


~ by robertftaylor on August 31, 2008.

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