Halo 3, Spore and a little more about Halo 3

Well, my holiday is nearing its closure and I have just realised how much I haven’t done. There were several projects at the beginning of the holidays that my friends and I said that we would work on. None of this has materialised and the script has only just been written. I have now found myself in a very strange situation where I need to push people in order to get things done. At the moment, I am trying to script and film a short film about Halo 3. Although this doesn’t sound like too much hassle, it involves several stages that involve more and more people along the way.

Firstly, I need to finalize the script with my brother Loz because he is really critical of any of my ideas. It is a curse and a blessing at the same time. It is nice that he takes the time to read my stuff and give me some constrictive criticism on it. However, some times he just says “That idea is shit.” Doesn’t give an explanation, but is really handy on putting a perspective on ideas. I then need to purchase some form of capture card and some AV cables. I think I shall head down to Maplin’s and gather some supplies. It will cost me a small fortune, but I’ve wanted one for months. I then need to get people willing to act and be filmed and also have their voices recorded. The hardest part of this will be getting people when they all have free time. I shall try and get all of the real-life footage and voices recorded before the machinima is done. This is down to the fact that I can then time things accordingly and will be able to complete it in my own time. However, the hardest thing to film will be a scene involving someone getting run over. Now, it sounds quite daunting, but it isn’t too difficult. I just need to find a road that is quiet and empty enough to reverse down at some speed.

Hopefully, I will go to Maplin’s on Monday and source some of the stuff that I need for the machinima aspect of the piece and I can hopefully start filming the Monday after. It will require me to ask a lot from other people, but if it happens, it shall be good.

On a separate note, I bought Spore on Monday and played it for absolutely ages the first day I had it. I’ve kind of gone off of it a bit as the Space stage is too daunting and feels too much like an RTS for me to enjoy. I’ve never been good at RTS games and I won’t get any better. It’s probably due to the fact that I find RTS games hard work and take a lot out of me for me to enjoy them. Darwinia for example had me absolutely captivated for hours until I had to save and then go to bed. I went back the next day to play it and I couldn’t force myself to do it. I think it’s because I remember how much effort I have to put into an RTS to get any enjoyment out of it. An FPS is very different. I reckon I could pick up any FPS game and I wouldn’t find it too much of a challenge to become adept at it quickly. The thing with FPS games are that it is just as much about psychology and strategy as it is about accuracy. You have to think what the other people are thinking and be one step ahead of them.

Speaking of Halo 3, I have been playing it quite regularly with the same group of us and usually come off a lot better in Social Slayer than most teams. However, sometimes we go in as a 3 and have to endure the antics of our 4th random team member. Now, sometimes this can be absolutely awesome and we get a player with a skill level of 50 and help by carrying the team or by picking up on our team strategy. However, some other times, we get really rubbish players who, despite our best efforts, still cause us to lose. For example, we played a game of Team Slayer on High Ground and we lost 50-49. Now, that sounds like a close game. The kind of game that both sides enjoy playing. Well, not when I was +7, and my other two team members had +4 each. Now, the fourth random guy we had on our team was on an amazing -16. Yes. That’s right. Minus 16. MINUS 16! Who plays an FPS and gets enjoyment out of it when they finish a game on minus 16. Why even bother playing?

I think I do other people a favour by not playing RTS games online. If I did play them online, I would probably be on your server making you lose, but I’m not. Please do the same for me and stick to RTS games and stop playing FPSs. Thank you.


~ by robertftaylor on September 11, 2008.

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