iPod and Religion

In case you were wondering, I am posting about iPods and religion as a separate issue. I don’t really think that iPods have done much to piss off religious nuts, nor has religion pissed off Steve Jobs. I first want to quickly mention that the new iPod Nano was announced a couple of days ago, and oh my God (see, religion?) do they look awesome. I currently have a first gen iPod Nano which I bought in September 2005 when they just came out. I was waiting to buy an iPod Mini and then the day before I was going to buy one, they announced a smaller iPod with colour screen. I am so glad that I held off buying that iPod Mini as they turned out to be absolute shit. The battery on those things just died and never worked. So, I saw the new 4th Gen iPod Nano and it is a step back in terms of design, but a step forward from the 3rd Gen. The 3rd Gen is short and dumpy and has lost the original charm of the original Nano and even the Mini (despite the fact that the name of the Mini was intentionally ironic. That thing was huge!) So yeah, I think I shall have to get a new iPod Nano as mine is way past its due for an upgrade.

Ahh, the second facet of my post. I want to talk about religion. Ideas about religion, and particularly atheism, have been in my thought process for a very long time. It was only until I was in Year 11 did I resent the idea of a God and any form of Intelligent Design. This wasn’t spurred on by anything like a family member dying or me going off the rails, it was just a matter of time before logic and science showed themselves to me. I remember being taught all this stuff about God in RE lessons and how there were several theologies for explaining the entirety of mankind. I think there were three and none of them seemed to add up then, let alone now. God was always explained as being this omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent being. I questioned my teacher as to why there were natural disasters and how come there was so much suffering in the world. I got a reply that only targeted the latter part of my question which was apparently down to ‘free will’.

Free will in itself is a paradox of an idea. God gave us free will because he wanted us to make our own decisions and give us ultimate freedom. However, the paradox lies within the fact that we were forced to have it. If free will was truly free, surely we would have been given a choice as whether or not we wanted it. I’m sure there are some responses to this but they probably involve passages from an ancient science fiction book called the Bible. If there ever was a book with captivating storytelling, it has to be the Bible. There has not been any modern fiction book that has had the same impact upon people in the same way as the Bible. I put that down to the style of the author and his ability to make bullshit sound true. This is why Lord Of The Rings will never be heralded in the same way by future generations as the Bible has been. ‘Goblins and giant spiders? No way! A man coming back to life and floating into the sky? For sure!’

The first part I mentioned about natural disasters is the part my teacher never explained to us. I think it’s because she realised how much of an ass she would have looked if she had even bothered explaining. If God really is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good, He would have known in well advance that those natural disasters were going to happen. And being the nice chap that He is, He would have wanted to stop them. Of course, being all-powerful, he could have. But he didn’t.

This can put two distinct conclusions upon God. A) He doesn’t give a fuck any more and wants us to pay for what we’ve done; or B) He doesn’t exist. I’m no betting man, but I would go for the latter. As Nietzsche famously said, “God is dead.”

Nietzsche is wrong. God was never alive.


~ by robertftaylor on September 12, 2008.

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