Halo 3 Title Update 2: New Achievements

So, the long-awaited title update for Halo 3 is finally here and TU2 delivers some playlist changes, some new achievements and more speculation. There have been lots of back-end changes to Halo 3 (no jokes please) that are supposed to improve performance and increase the swing size on the Bungie Banhammer. All of this stuff will never be seen by the average consumer, but the stuff we do get to see is awesome.

The new achievements are all challenging and should have been in the game when it shipped. A lot of the new achievements require the Legendary map pack or the ‘Mythic’ maps. These maps have not been set a date when they will be released, but by the looks of it, there will be six new maps. Six! I know, quite a lot for a game that has already had seven new maps in the space of a year. These achievements will require quite a lot of skill to pull off, unless you and your friend have four xbox controllers and are willing to go into social games for achievements. I can actually see this kind of thing happening. A lot. I know I will.

However, one achievement has created quite a buzz amongst the community and this is the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual achievement. It is worth no gamerscore but is incredibly difficult to pull off. It requires four people to play through the last level of Halo 3 on Legendary and to finish in Ghosts. If that isn’t difficult enough, it has to be over Xbox LIVE! and requires the Iron skull to be turned on. This skull is easily the hardest skull to play with in a solo game but even worse in co-op. The skulls are game modifiers and Iron happens to be a pain in the arse. In solo play, if the player dies, he is reset to the last rally point. However, in co-op, if one out of four players die, all four will have to restart the level from scratch. This achievement is going to take hours of skill and co-ordination to pull off and you hope to God (if He exists) that ‘suicidal Larry’ isn’t in your party.

The TU2 (ooh, look at me using acronyms) has also changed the matchmaking and ranking system to one that better fits the way in which people play Halo 3. I found that most people stuck to one playlist and never really deviated from it. I used to play a lot of Team Slayer but then moved to Social Slayer where I have spent a great deal of time. Now, each playlist have their own rank system which goes up the more times you win in that playlist. This will allow people to become very skilled in one playlist and will allow for better matchmaking within the Social playlists.

The one thing that excites me most about the new achievements is that Bungie have stated that completing these achievements will not reward players with Gamerscore, but will definately reward them with something that they will want.


I’m smelling Recon…


~ by robertftaylor on September 23, 2008.

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