Halo 3 Campaign Expansion: Let’s find Maddie

So, the new Halo 3 campaign expansion has been announced and you can find the trailer here or on the Live! marketplace. Well, it looks very interesting. It appears to show New Mombasa being destroyed by unknown entities falling from above. Speculation has already started and many believe that you will get to play as a ODST Helljumper – notorious for dropping to the ground in similar looking pods.

The Super-Intendent also features throughout and appears to be an AI within the HUD that tells you what to do and keeps you reassured with messages like “Keep it clean.” However, the trailer has also created waves on the net for other reasons. The bungie.net forum is buzzing around one message that appeared in the trailer that says: “Maddie, where are you?” (see above). Now, Luke Smith has stated that this is purely coincidental and is not referring to Maddie McCann who went missing in Portugal in May 2007. They have stated that it is merely a character name and is not intended to refer to the little girl.

Despite all of this, many people are still ready to attack Bungie. Now, I can see how asking where Maddie is can bring back memories of Maddie McCann, but you can quite easily separate fiction from reality. The Maddie in the game is probably an AI and it is set 600 years in the future. Most of these tiny details are forgotten by those ready to jump on the bandwagon and brand Bungie as being insensitive. Although careless, it wasn’t meant to offend and was definitely not trying to poke fun at the life of a little girl.

Also in the trailer there appears to be a release date, 01/06/09. This means that we could be looking for Maddie as soon as the 6th of Jan. Let’s hope we can because I can’t wait to get stuck in to some more Halo 3 campaign. We shall have to check the Bungie weekly update tonight to see if anything more is said. Stay tuned.


~ by robertftaylor on September 26, 2008.

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