Uni and making friends

Hello everyone. I haven’t made a post in quite a long time and there is good reason for this. I moved to Uni on Saturday (the 27th) and have been a) rather busy, and b) without internet. I’ve been busy settling in and have been out every night so far with a lot of people who are on the same course as me. Everyone has been really friendly and welcoming. The group of us have only known each other for two and a bit days and there is already a lot of trust built up and the group dynamic is really good. On Sunday night we went round someone’s flat and watched Brain Dead by Peter Jackson. It was delightfully gory and very dark in terms of comic edge. There were sections of the film that almost had the feel of a foreign slap stick film. The soundtrack added to this and made the gore seem a lot less…well…gory.

Once we had finished watching the film, the group decided it would be really funny if we all cross-dressed. I flat-out refused and opted to be camera man in hope that I wouldn’t have to don a dress. It seemed to work and I got away with filming most of the night. That’s a lot better off than Ro Si, Ma Ke and Ch Yo. They all dressed up and looked fucking hilarious. Lu Si and Sa Ch dressed up as pimps and were pimping out the guys. We decided to go to the pub, but as soon as we arrived they were apparently “closing” so we weren’t allowed to stay. That was utter bullshit as people were still at the bar getting drinks. It is actually illegal and prosecutable to refuse entry to someone on the basis of being cross-dressers. We should sue.

Tonight everyone has gone down the Student Union but I opted out due to tiredness and a lack of money. We were going to go down the pub but we had some last minute changes to our schedule which meant that the Union was on the agenda. I couldn’t be bothered so I came back to my room and have been typing this. I’m just waiting for them to finish off their and come back so we can watch this animé called Dead Leaves and maybe watch some Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place.

University life so far hasn’t been too bad and is a lot easier than I anticipated. I came here with the presumption that I would constantly be looking after the kitchen and always be worrying about washing my dirty clothes. Of course, the time hasn’t come for me to worry about that, but I’m sure it won’t be too bad. I’m missing my girlfriend like crazy and I want her to come and see me on Saturday but I don’t understand the procedure for signing in guests or where she will park. Tomorrow I shall have to get my student I.D. and enquire at the accommodation desk.

I haven’t written anything about Halo 3 or the world of Bungie because I haven’t got the internet and the chances are that you probably know more than me right now.

Ohhhh. I won’t have internet ‘til Wednesday at the latest and I want it NOW!!!

PS. I now have the internet, hence why I’m posting this. I haven’t tried XBL yet but shall in a sec.


~ by robertftaylor on October 1, 2008.

One Response to “Uni and making friends”

  1. Dude, whatever is going on there, it sounds slightly perverse. You filmed people cross-dressing?! Although, I wouldn’t put it past you, ever since that time in Siberia with the cattle farmers and Big Jim The Grim.

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