Halo 3 Fileshare Update and 7 on 7

So, at long last, Halo 3’s fileshare has finally been sorted out. It seemed a lot like my desk. It has been messy for a long ass time but was functional enough to stop me from clearing it. However, one day it was too much and now my desk has tags and related files. Well, not exactly. Anyway, the fileshare has been made a lot more functional and actually works well for people who want to upload and also for those who want to download. It is the 7th of October tomorrow which means that a whole mess of people will be going for their 7 on 7 achievement on Halo 3 as it is the first chance to do so. I have to watch a Charlie Chaplin film after my day in the studio and won’t be back to the flat til 7.30 at the earliest. So, Loz, if you’re reading this, I’ll be on from 8 onwards. I’m gonna have to bring food to the studio with me, because 7 hours on camera can take it out of me. Read the full story on what was updated on the fileshare here.

Yes. University is treating me well and I went round to Ro Si’s flat and him and Lu Si cooked up some pasta and Dolmio. We cooked way too much pasta but we had to eat it all because we didn’t want to waste any. We also leaned out of the kitchen window and a girl in the flat below was eating a Cornetto and kept getting text messages. Naturally, we asked if her texts were any good and what flavour the Cornetto was. Turns out that they weren’t that interesting and it was toffee flavoured. I didn’t even know they made toffee ones.

Tomorrow will be a long day but I can’t wait to go on the cameras and then it will feel like this course has started properly. I’m pretty tired now so I’m gonna head off. I’ll see all of you on Halo tomorrow getting your 7 on 7 achievements.


~ by robertftaylor on October 6, 2008.

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