Skateboarding, Halo and being sick

Eurgh. What a horrible night I had last night. We had to go to this networking evening at Uni in an attempt to meet people who are doing music, animation etc. to help collaborate in the future. The thing is, there was free alcohol there. Plenty of it. I managed to drink 3 beers and 12 glasses of wine in the space of two hours before we decided to head off home at 8pm. Now, Ke and I were very intoxicated and decided to go on a journey through some woods in order to get back home. We fell over several times and I popped a packet of crisps that I had hidden in my pocket. Once we got through the woods we bumped into several people skateboarding and they were kind enough to let us have a go and injure ourselves. I quickly got on the skateboard and fell off it with similar punctuality. Once I had realised that I had hurt my head, I looked up to find that all the skateboarders had gone and Ke was standing there watching me.

We went back to my flat and Ke was just sat in front of the toilet being violently sick. I decided to play some Halo with my brother Loz, but I can’t remember anything from that apart from getting absolutely rinsed on Rat’s Nest. I also remember playing slayer on Blackout but my profile says that we also played Forge on High Ground but I don’t remember that.

Once Ke had finished being sick, I was sick in my sink and then we went out and did some stargazing in the tennis court. We then walked around Telford and asked some people through their window what they had cooked. They made sausages but didn’t have any left to give to us. We met up with some other people and Ro Si was worse than me or Ke. I had some painkillers there and threw up in their toilet. I came back home and I think I spoke to El Hu on MSN but I’m not too sure. I finally decided to go to sleep and was sick every other hour or so. I got up this morning and my tonsils have swelled up due to the amount of sick that had smacked into them all night.

I got up and had some cheese toasties and cleaned my sink of the remaining sick. Oh, I also smashed a glass last night. Silly me.


~ by robertftaylor on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Skateboarding, Halo and being sick”

  1. I told you you’d be sick. From what El tells me, you were on webcam to him when you were sick the first time. I think he is traumatized and an apology might be due lol.

  2. I’m not traumatized

    I was playing guitar over webcam to you and rocking out to some electric six

    the look on your face was pretty funny tho

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