Filming and back ache (and snow!)

Well, these last couple of days have been very interesting. We have been filming for the past week and it has been a mixture of various things. Monday was Mi Re Ga’s shoot and so much went wrong. We couldn’t sign out equipment for 3 hours. The batteries went dead. The camera was trying to shoot to tape instead of the hard drive. It was just one pain in the arse after another. Eventually we got the shoot done and all was good. On Tuesday, I was on camera and I had to carry that beast around all day. It’s fine when it’s not on a tripod, but in a bag it is so heavy. My back was so achey after the whole day of filming. Today it was my shoot and we started bright and early at 8:30. We were done by 10 so we just came back to my room and played some Halo 3, Guitar Hero 2 and Fable 2.

Last night it snowed. By snow, I mean it really snowed. We ran outside and played in the snow and made snowballs and all-sorts. It was so awesome. Although, we were absolutely freezing and had to have some tea to warm ourselves back up. We just sat in my room and watched Lee Mack and drank tea.

Fable 2 is pretty sweet and it is so much fun to run around and kill everyone in a town, only to be sent on an incredibly easy Community Service mission before you can resume your onslaught. I can’t think of much else to write as I have to go to the post room and see if my copy of Flashy by Electric Six has arrived. I’ll post again sooner rather than later.


~ by robertftaylor on October 29, 2008.

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