Halo 3 and boredom

Well, today is a Saturday and it has been filled with absolutely nothing. My day so far has been an empty void and will continue to be so for the next day. Everyone here has gone home for the weekend so I have been left here by myself and I have nothing to do. I’ve been trying to get my last achievement on Halo 3 but it’s not yielding results. The only achievement I have left is “Look Both Ways”. This is to get a splatter spree on a Legendary map. Now, this shouldn’t be too difficult to do because there are plenty of vehicles on Avalanche, but that’s the problem. There are too many vehicles that can stop a Ghost too easily and there are three Splasers on the Heavy map variant of Avalanche that makes it difficult to get a spree. I had 3 splatters earlier and I only need 2 more to get the spree, and therein, the achievement. I saw two more people and they were fairly close together. I went for one of them, but as I got to him his Splaser went off in my face and made me become part of the nether.

I wanted to go to Asda today but I have no way of getting there besides walking or busing it. I also wanted to do my laundry but I haven’t been bothered to go to the Laundrette. I might do that in a bit because I want to put off writing a script. I have to write a 30 second advert for either an existing product or one that I can make up. I am flat out of ideas and can’t be arsed to even begin to think this weekend. I might actually go to the Laundrette and read. Maybe some inspiration will come to me there.

I have been so bored today that I listened to the Russel Brand – Johnathon Ross phone calls and I personally think it is quite funny. I don’t understand all the fuss to be quite honest. Brand may well have slept with Andrew Sach’s granddaughter and was correct about her being in the “Satanic Sluts” (whatever that may be, use google at your own peril). It may be a little bit inappropriate to say these things to Sachs about his granddaughter but it was all in good spirit. The real problem lies with how this managed to get broadcast despite the strict methods gone through to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen. Everyone has apologised so just let it slide for Christ’s sake.

In Halo related news, there are two new Bungie podcasts for you to consume. One is brand new, whilst the other one is the ‘lost’ podcast that wasn’t aired due to the E3 announcement debacle. The last episode of Red Vs. Blue : Reconstruction is also out. If you haven’t seen any of it, check it out here.

I don’t have much else to do apart from hoping that there is an available washing machine in the Laundrette. I might play some Halo later, but we’ll have to wait and see.


~ by robertftaylor on November 1, 2008.

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