Rubik’s cube and Breathless


In the wake of being at University, many people have been surprised and perplexed that I can solve a Rubik’s cube in fairly good speed. I average at about 1:30 but can do faster. That’s not the point though. I learnt how to do the Rubik’s cube in a space of about a week and half with the help of Dan Brown’s tutorial on YouTube that can be found here. Thanks Dan! I didn’t start at a 1:30 speed because it took me a long time to learn all of the augmentations and when to utilise certain algorithms. I have also adopted the Friedrich Method for the first two layers but have given up on learning the OLLs and PLLs (or whatever they call them) as there are way too many and would require me to take up solving the cube as a part-time job, and to be honest, I don’t have a single part of time to waste.

Although the Friedrich method has been explained in various badly made YouTube videos, I still had to do a lot of searching around the net and making sense of these badly made guides before I could get my head around it. It basically involves finishing the first and second layer simultaneously and is very easy to do. You have to start by making a cross on one of the sides that has you getting all of the middle pieces in the right place. After that you just have to connect the corners with their corresponding side piece. It is too difficult to explain without video aid but you can find stuff on YouTube.

I also wanted to write about the film “About de souffle” or “Breathless” as it is known in translation. We had to watch it for my film course and it was very dull. Despite its charm and wit, it wasn’t quite The Matrix. But then again, it wasn’t trying to be. It was an honest film that, in all honesty, bored the shit out of me. We also had a lesson on lights today which was very exciting… It was literally, plug in and turn on. Well, maybe it was more than that, but that’s how it felt. It was like explaining how to tie up a pair of shoes with a 3 hour long presentation and a whiteboard. Was still good fun though.


~ by robertftaylor on November 4, 2008.

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