Gears 2, Left 4 Dead, Mirror’s Edge and WoTLK


So yes, so many great games have come out and are going to come out in the following weeks. Gears of War 2 hit the shelves on Friday and it is absolutely brilliant. The story is sublime and the characterisation is still as good as it was in the first. It’s been a while for me to feel emotional for a character within a game but there are two moments in this game that are really heart wrenching. I won’t say what these are but I’m sure those who have played it will know exactly which two moments I am talking about. The controls are incredibly similar to the first game and there is still the annoying moment every now and then when the A button doesn’t quite function how you would have hoped. There is good blend of combat styles and varying pace which also helps to make it feel like a Hollywood Blockbuster.

Also out this week are Mirror’s Edge and Wrath of the Lich King. I played the demo for Mirror’s Edge and it is truly phenomenal and unlike any other game that I’ve ever played. It is incredibly stunning and the final game should hopefully be a bigger testament to the creative minds behind it. WoTLK is also hitting shelves on Thursday the 13th and is a big release for so many gamers. I have my copy pre-ordered and it should arrive on Thursday hopefully. I won’t put too much time into it on Thursday as I have stuff to get done in the evening. I may not have a lecture on Thursday but I will get up early just to get to the post room before it closes. If I don’t get to the post room in the morning, I will have to wait til 4.30pm before I can get my hands on it. That’s just wasted time.

I also downloaded the demo of Left 4 Dead and it is just fucking sweet. It is exactly what a zombie game should be. With the AI that can spawn anywhere and with different combinations each time, it makes the whole search for zombies in the bath scenario that little bit more nail biting. I mean, the last time you checked the bathroom there wasn’t a zombie, but this time there may well be one hiding behind the shower curtain. It makes me scared just thinking about it.

Not much has happened in my life since I last posted apart from general Uni work and Em Ca coming down to see me because she misses me so. I really miss her too and I can’t wait for her to come down again this Friday :D. I also have to find two actors for three weeks time which will be a bit of a logistical challenge for me. Not only do I need to find actors, I need to go through the script and highlight parts and make call sheets for everyone involved. My God it is a momentous task.

I received an e-mail yesterday regarding my WoW Addicts mockumentary and it was someone requesting a High Quality version of the film for parts of it to be included in a film to help Jewish teachers and parents avoid the pitfall that is online gaming. I was hesitant to send it because it will then be doing the exact opposite of what that video had intended to do. Although this may be the case, it is not the news networks that want to use it, it is in fact a Jewish community that are trying to help their children to grow up and become responsible. If I can help others with the films I make then it makes me feel a little bit better about the world.

Influencing people with film is a difficult thing to do. To be appreciated for doing it is even harder.


~ by robertftaylor on November 12, 2008.

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