Recon armor gets the green light


UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Recon armor can be unlocked by completing all of the Vidmaster achievements. Halo 3: Recon will include three more Vidmaster Challenges to go along with the the three that are already achievable with Halo 3 at present. With these three added to the previous three, that makes six in total. There is also the Vidmaster: Brainpan achievement that wll only be unlockable with the six new maps. This means that players will have to complete all seven Vidmaster achievements to unlock Recon armor. Seven? What a coincidence.

At last, the Recon armor permutation (above right) will become available for Halo 3 players in September. The highly coveted helmet and shoulders (minus the flame) will be unlocked for players who have finished all of the Vidmaster Challenges. Currently, there is only one Vidmaster achievement that can not be unlocked for it requires the new maps.

All six of them.

Bungie have stated that three of the new maps will be released in January/February to coincide with Halo Wars, so judging by the new info, the other three will be released alongside Halo 3: Recon or as a separate download. Halo Wars pre-order copies will include three new maps for Halo 3 and it is stated that Halo 3: Recon will have three new maps included in the box.

Bungie also said that players will finally be able to get Recon after two years since the game’s release. This puts the release date on Halo 3: Recon at September 26th or thereabouts. It will be interesting to see if this happens according to Bungie’s schedule or whether or not Microsoft will step in and delay things again. Either way, I only need that last challenge completed in order to gain my Recon.

The final Vidmaster Challenge is to collect all of the hidden skulls in the new maps. I wonder if these skulls will be as easy to find as the majority of the skulls are, or whether a certain game type and certain number of players will determine the skull being available to pick up. The skulls may only appear in Forge or Custom Games and may even appear after having met certain requirements, much like the IWHBYD skull was. Either way, this can all be found out by looking at the code and I’m sure will be splashed across the internet faster than you can say “Bring on the wall!”.


~ by robertftaylor on November 15, 2008.

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