Went home for the weekend


So. This weekend I went home and met up with all of my old chums and also saw my girlfriend. We managed to record a podcast in which we talk about old times. There’s a very loose structure to the podcast and is basically 5 of us chatting shit for 20 minutes. Click the picture above to get to the page and the audio file is at the top of the page. I do warn you though, there is some strong language and sexual references.

In other news, I got a bracelet from my girlfriend and I really like it. However, it keeps falling off in various places. When I went for a meal it broke and I had to run round a car park looking for it. It then also fell off in a car , but the worse thing happened later on that day. My dad and I went and dropped Loz off back at his flat and then I decided to go to the toilet. I was just having a wee when, in slow motion, the bracelet fell off and landed straight in the toilet full of piss. There was only one thing to do. Man up and pick it out of the toilet. I did this and then washed it in the sink. Although it has been washed, it smells kind of funny. The worst part is is that I don’t whether it smelt that bad before it went in the piss, or whether there is still some piss soaked into the wood and string.

Anyway. I am filming all of next week and I don’t have to get up til 1:30 tomorrow, so all is good. I’ll do another post when I have the time.


~ by robertftaylor on November 23, 2008.

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