Rank 30 and no Recon


Wow, this thing has changed a lot since I last did a post way back when on the 25th of November. Not an awful lot has happened to me between then and now, but I do feel a little bit wiser. I have been incredibly busy which is why I haven’t had time to do a post. I was filming two weeks ago and spent the last week editing and writing an essay which is due in on Friday. I have to say that I finished my essay earlier today and I finished my edit last week, so it has left me with a couple of days free tomorrow and Friday. I have spent the majority of my evening playing Halo 3 and enjoying some Lone Wolves on my, well…own. I’m gearing up for a LAN party that shall be happening in a couple of weeks time so I want to be at the very best of my ability.

I started out on Lone Wolves as a mere rank 17 but managed to win so many consecutive games that I pulled my way up to rank 31. I was only going for the rank 30 as I wanted to get rid of all of the horrible yellow noob bars on my lieutenant picture. I’m going to try and get to 35 so I can gather my two stars and become a Commander. I’ve only just recently realised that the rank numbers do no actually relate to a player’s skill that often. I often find myself against rank 44s, or even rank 50s, who are way below my play skill. Maybe I should get to 50 just to see what all the fuss is about.

The second facet of my double faceted title is talking about how Bungie were giving away Recon armor to random players drawn out of a digital hat. All you had to do to become eligible for the armor was to play in a Legendary required playlist last week. I made sure I did this but, sadly, no Recon was given to me. I actually felt like I had an actual shot at getting it despite that the chances were probably 1 in 100,000. I feel like such a tool. Anyway, I’m working on a couple of things at the moment which may just well rank me up there in the books at Bungie towers.


~ by robertftaylor on December 11, 2008.

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