Pixel Master Chief




So, for the last couple of weeks I have been working on a large-scale pixel picture of Master Chief. I have spent about 16 hours in total on this thing and I finally finished it this morning. It has come out really well and has evolved greatly from what I first imagined. I think it looks quite cool but let me know what you think.

Right click and save if you want to zoom in and see it in more detail.

Below is a selection of images that charted my progress from beginning to end.








I hope you all like the picture but please let me know what you think. Comments and critique welcome.


~ by robertftaylor on December 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pixel Master Chief”

  1. Looking GOOOOOOOOD!

  2. It looks good, how about you give the background a contrasting color?

  3. Hi mate,
    Awesome work of art!
    I’m working on a couple of street art projects involving perler beads and would like to know if yo’d allow me to use your drawings as a base for an installation? Of course I’d give you all credit possible and will gladly send you pics of the finished work.

    Best regards,

    • Yeah sure, no problem. Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it.
      You can use some of my stuff if you want, I really don’t mind. So long as you make some awesome work and let me see the final thing 🙂

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