A look back upon my time back home


So, I’ve been home for three weeks and I will be heading back to Uni tomorrow. These last three weeks have been a mixture of emotions; all the way from awesome to depressing. It has been really good to come back and see everyone but I am so surprised how easily I fell back into routine at home. Admittedly I didn’t really have much of a routine. Go to bed at 2am, get up at 12, see Em Ca and then play Halo 3. Not much of a routine but it helped keep my days structured.

The first full day that I got back was spent at a LAN at Elliot’s which was pretty damn good. We had seven Xboxes, seven TVs/monitors and seven dedicated Halo players. We would have had an eighth but people were flaky and turned their phones off, grrrr. It was a good laugh, but it ended premature because Elliot’s parents wanted their living room back. Fair enough.

Christmas came and went, as did Christmas dinner. That was a pretty good day and it wasn’t spoiled by any arguments. There were no tears this year in my house 🙂 I also got a black and white Rubik’s cube (the Icon version) which has such a smooth movement to it. It also looks badass. This year it was mostly money that I was given, but I prefer to get money and buy shit that I want and not get given shit that I don’t. I also got Left 4 Dead and I have played through the first two Acts(?) and they are pretty damn scary. I also got Fallout 3 which I have yet to put in my 360 let alone play it.

New Year’s Eve followed and it was a nice quiet one this year with about six of us sitting round a bonfire drinking beers and chatting shit. We also watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno followed by Superbad (again!). I must have watched Superbad about ten times now. It is such a good film.

Between then and now, not a great deal has happened. I went out on Tuesday for Ribfest at Spur. It was all you can eat ribs for £10.95. Those six racks of ribs were so tasty. I had six but one of my friends ended up having ten. You know who you are. We then went to a nice little pub called the Town Hall and had a quiet drink there before we set off in the car to drop various people off. On the way back, we went for a detour through a park that is next to a river. We were just driving along when the car behind us started flashing their lights. We pulled up into the car park where a car was already parked. The car behind us followed us in and parked next to the other car. FUCKING DOGGERS! We drove out of that car park so quickly. Although it was scary as hell, we couldn’t stop laughing. We then played Burnout: Paradise online and had some lulz.

I also went ice skating which was pretty good. I only fell over once but I felt pretty confident skating around. I hadn’t been ice skating in years and I didn’t know if I would be any good or not. I used to be pretty decent at it but I seemed to pick it up quite quickly. If I go again though, I will ask for some wider ice skates as my feet were fucking caning after about 20 minutes.

I have chili tortillas tonight which are so tasty. It’ll be my last meal for a while where I don’t have to cook or clean after. I will also listen to the latest Bungie podcast as it’s been a good two or three months since the last one. The picture at the top of the page is from when I was playing some Social Rumble Pit where I was 25 kills for 0 deaths. Yeah, I know. Fucking pro.


~ by robertftaylor on January 10, 2009.

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