The Drama Society and a room of Awkward.


I haven’t posted in a little while so I thought I would enlighten you with what I have been up to. On Friday night, I played some Custom Games on Halo with the guys from Facility B5D. I would say, the guys, but I appear to have become on of them. It is really awesome how open armed those guys have been. Not only that, but I managed to play a couple of games with some Recon owners. Was a good laugh, but it has made Recon look not so special in my eyes. I thought I would never see Recon until ODST shipped, but I was lucky enough to play with some pretty decent people who didn’t seem to brag about having it at all. My weekend was pretty much filled with nothing, other than buying the Bottom boxset which was well worth it.

This week, I was introduced to a new lecturer here and she is a bit of a hard ass, but I like that. Hopefully she’ll start throwing people out for being noisy fuckwits. I also start my course on Comics, Animation and Popular Culture tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. It should be refreshing to study something other than film and also that I don’t have to get there til 11. Win.

What this post is really about, is how I managed to end up in the confines of the Drama Society and the huge air of embarrassing awkwardness held within. I only went because I was dragged along and I wanted to help out with their new production by building sets etc. I figured that it’d be something good to put on my C.V. and will also help me meet new people. However, the new people I did meet, aren’t necessarily the ones I wanted to. I mean, the people that were part of the “Tech Crew” all seemed pretty decent and weren’t that weird. However, one guy spent most of the time saying how he likes to do the work so he can have a nice pint afterwards. He didn’t stop talking about drinking. He went on to say, “Oh, I hope this meeting ends soon, it’s eating into my drinking time.” By the end of the awkward 2 hours, I was coming to the conclusion that he may have been in the wrong meeting. AA were down the hall.

Although myself and Ke found it all very funny, my friends Ja Kl and Sa Ry-Pr actually auditioned for the play that was going to be put on, much to the amusement of myself and Ke. We spent most of the evening trying to catch Sa’s glance and then we’d give him the thumbs up and say “drama friend” in the style of The Inbetweeners. We found it quite amusing. Although we found it funny, the people who ran the society didn’t see the funny side and kept looking at us. They were girls with quite low self-esteem so they may have just been sexually attracted towards us, although when she said “get the fuck out” gave me the impression otherwise. (Just to clear things up, she didn’t say that. She actually said, get your trousers off.)

(Also a lie.)

There was a brief moment in that room where, for the first time since the Sci Fi Society, I felt like the coolest person in the room. Admittedly I was the coolest of the geekiest. The best of the worst. The corn in the shit. However, I did feel pretty cool. It’s not me putting the people in that room down, I just felt like they were all way too embarrassing to hang around with. Not in a bad way, but they were all very confident with looking like a twat. However, they were probably thinking the same about me when I walked in wearing badges on my coat.


~ by robertftaylor on January 27, 2009.

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