Halo Wars Demo


So yeah. The Halo Wars Demo came out on the 5th and I downloaded it earlier today. I didn’t download it straight away because I wanted to avoid the rush (and that I forgot about it). Now, I only pre-ordered Halo Wars Legendary Collector’s Edition (those titles are getting tenuously longer) in order to get the three new Halo 3 maps without having to wait and without having to pay for them. I figured that I would want to play Halo Wars for the story so I could kill two birds with one stone. Now, I really do not get along with RTS’s so I thought that I’d just get the game, play it once and then put it away. However, I downloaded the demo and it is truly brilliant. The characters and environments stay true to the original franchise and it does feel a lot like a Halo game. Having background knowledge on what all of the vehicles are also helps. When I normally play RTS’s, I have to sit there for 20 minutes reading all of the text to figure out what each vehicle or unit is capable of. When I play Halo Wars though, I know that if I upgrade Grunts to wield Needlers, I will reign down the pink mist.

The controls are intuitive, although the D-Pad controls feel a little bit stifled and it’s sometimes difficult to remember what each direction actually does. The cinematics are truly stunning and seeing characters from Halo 1, 2 and 3 is really awesome. I love sending the Prophet of Regret in, knowing full well that he’ll get owned in Halo 2. With Skirmish mode, you can play as either the UNSC or the Covenant. It seemed to me that the Covenant were always more powerful for some reason. It was probably because I employed a Scarab to kick the shit out of the UNSC and Regret’s lazr is super powerful.

I really can’t wait for this game now. Before I was only waiting for it in order to get my new maps, but now it is much more than that. I can’t wait to delve into the single player and get right into the story. What also makes this better is that one of the Skirmish maps is called Blood Gulch. Win.


~ by robertftaylor on February 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey if you liked Halo Wars, check out the leaked CGI trailer that just came out yesterday on my blog.

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