Mobile Rangers II


Wow, so yeah. This week has been rather quiet when compared to the weeks that have preceded it. Despite this week’s ‘lack of anything’, I’ve actually been pretty busy being the Assistant Editor on Mobile Rangers II. For those who missed the Rangers’ first adventure, you can catch up here. And yes, it is in HD. The second installment is action packed and filled with comedy. Of course I would say this as I am helping to make it, but I genuinely find it amusing. It is one of the most ambitious edits I’ve been involved with and has multiple split screens and some shoot-out scenes that will require an awful lot of sound effects that will all need to be sourced and fit into the action.

I wasn’t really involved with the first project and I have only got involved into this project during post-production. I did actually act in the film, but I was a henchman who got shot in the back of the head, so it isn’t about to be my big break into Hollywood. My friend was editing it and I decided to hop on board and give him some guidance on the direction of it and also helped with the multiple split screen edit. I also like to think that I helped in creating some of the humour in the scenes by changing the edit around a bit. I find it quite fun to direct the edit but I actually hate doing the job of the editor. I think I would probably do quite well in being a trailer director. Yes, there are people out there who get paid to direct trailers. Would be good fun and is a nice way to get into the business I suppose. I may ask around and see if there is anyone with a full-length feature that needs a trailer to be made. I’ll get someone to do the edit, but I’ll try and direct it. Hmmm, don’t know if any of what I just said will actually happen. Ahh well.

Mobile Rangers II will include gun fights, katanas, espionage and homo-eroticism. I think this will be the tag line for the film when we send it to festivals. Cannes here we come.


~ by robertftaylor on February 25, 2009.

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