Mythic maps and a change


Halo Wars came out on Friday and I haven’t really played it too much to be honest. I’ve been far too busy testing my mettle on the new Halo 3 maps that came with the Limited Collector’s Edition of Halo Wars. Before I talk about those maps, I just have to say that the packaging of Halo Wars is probably the best I’ve seen for a collector’s edition of a game. The Halo 3 collector’s edition was a disappointment, with only the Legendary edition being worth its price. The package was reassuringly heavy and included a really nice tin box which has a really good texture to it. The sew on badge thing is also a nice addition although it would have been nicer if it was made of cloth and not of that weird rubbery plastic.

Now, onto the Halo 3 Mythic maps. I have been waiting for what seems forever for these maps to be released and I’m not disappointed. Bungie have put an awful lot of attention and detail into the three new maps which play really really well. First up is Assembly which is set on a Scarab assembly plant. The map is symmetrical so it’s meant to play Team Slayer quite well although I really dislike playing Team Slayer on this map. I think this map would be far better suited for FFA due to the amount of reduced sight line across the map. Because the map has so much reduced sight line it makes it difficult to assist team mates easily. To me, this map seems a little bit too busy and there are far too many levels to this map. I might just have to play this map a little bit more to get used to the layout of it, but I currently don’t really like this one.

Orbital is set on a space tether which resembles Cairo Station from Halo 2 Campaign. I personally think that this map is the best looking map in the entire catalogue of Halo 3 maps and it plays incredibly well. The layering of levels allows for some amazing stealth tactics and plays Team Slayer and Team Objective gametypes really well. I also managed to bump into a player with Recon on this map and took a couple of screenies. I won’t disclose that person’s gamertag, but days earlier I actually searched the guy’s gamertag on for some reason. I think they must have posted something on the Bungie Blog and I felt obliged to see if they had Recon. Turns out he does and I played with him.

Sandbox is set on the Ark and is a map that has been built specifically for Forge. I really enjoy playing Team Slayer on this map because you can just grab the Chopper and grab some splatters. I actually found myself playing this map on Forge for several hours just throwing Fusion Coils down the tunnel into the Crypt below. This map has so many possibilities and has really opened Forge up to the community. Forget Foundry, Sandbox is the place for Forge.

And of course, new maps equals new achievements. The skulls were relatively easy to find but were a nice little bonus for us to go and hunt for. I have managed to get the vast majority of these achievements and even managed to pick up not one, but two Killtaculars. I only have the two zombie achievements to get and then I will spend next to eternity trying to get the Perfection and the Extermination. I was so close to getting the Extermination. I had gotten the triple and the last guy’s shields were down. I go and go for the headshot with a BR when my dipshit team mate just shoots him before I could. I was so angry.

Anyway, this post has already gotten too long and I need to edit a script.


~ by robertftaylor on March 2, 2009.

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