Gigs and scripts


Before I start, the art above was done by me a couple of years ago. It’s of a kiwi that had a face and a diet Coke that just happened to be next to each other. I also gave the kiwi a crown so he shall thus be known as the Kiwi King. The one and only.

I went to a gig earlier where my friends were playing (check Fires At Dawn out here) and they were pretty good. The other bands that followed were actually pretty terrible. There were some 15 year-olds on stage who did a cover of the Arctic Monkey’s ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’. It was absolutely terrible and it was made worse by them not having a bassist. Their lead singer was a whiney middle class cunt and their drummer was a girl. I mean, I’m all up for girls who can drum, but she couldn’t. There was one other band who were pretty good but they were also quite up their own arses. I can’t remember their name because they made a great impression on me.

I have gone home for the weekend and have quite enjoyed my time back. It’s been nice to come home and have a good chat with my mates and we also went to see Watchmen. I don’t care what some critics say, but this film is probably the best superhero movie of all time. It was truly phenomenal. What made it better was that we went to see it at midnight on Thursday. We didn’t get out until about 3 o’clock.

I’m also meant to have done some work on my script this weekend but my tutor hasn’t gotten back to me about my script so I can’t actually do the work. I will try my best to do the work but she can’t complain if it’s done half-assed and rubbish. She can’t expect us to do the work if she can’t be bothered to do hers. It annoys me when she calls us unprofessional when she is about as professional as that guy on Christian Bale’s set.

EDIT: Script got checked over once I finished it and I ended up editing it for the better. I take that last comment back, although that guy on Bale’s set was really unprofessional. Yeah, you tell him Christian!


~ by robertftaylor on March 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Gigs and scripts”

  1. That guy on Christian Bale’s set……….THE DIRECTIOR?!?!?

  2. You’re obviously not up to date with the going’s on at the Terminator set. Just youtube Christian Bale rage. I think he actually has the right mind to shout at that guy.

  3. I knew about it…….but c’mon
    is this film going to be any good?!

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