Roast beef


I had an amazing roast dinner today and it shall be my last for over a month. You see, I came back from home earlier and now I’m at my temporary home that I call Uni. I think my parents get pissed off when I call Uni “home” and forget about the 19 years I had in the place that they call home. My roast dinner sported an awesome piece of roast beef that was cooked to perfection. My God it was tasty.

I got back in at about 4.15 and spent 2 hours going through my script and trying to decide upon shot setups for my shoot at the weekend. I finally managed to complete it but it was so boring and tedious. I’ve ended up with about 10 set-ups and I’m afraid that my tutor will say that I won’t possibly be able to do all of those shots in the time I have. I’ve somehow planned to get the shoot done from 11am til 10pm. I think 11 hours is plentiful time in which to do it in. I’m gonna have to go to the shop and get some food for my crew as I can’t afford to have people leaving set to get their lunch. I currently have 6 mini pizzas in my freezer, maybe they will suffice.


~ by robertftaylor on March 8, 2009.

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