Graffiti and Argumental


I’ve done so many of these Graffiti things on Facebook that I’ve decided to repost my favourite ones that I’ve done in order to fill up some space. Here is the second entry after ‘Packet Loss’ and it is titled ‘I’m a banana’. I don’t know why I drew this or why I’ve decided to share it with everyone, but hey. I watched Time Bandits earlier and thought it was pretty nonsensical and brilliant. The ending is what did it for me. “Don’t touch it!” Ahh, what do they do? Yep, you guessed right. They touch it.

I also wanted to post up a picture of myself that I found a couple months ago. I went and saw the TV show Argumental being filmed and I cheered Rufus Hound on so much, and with that lustful look in his eye, he came over and hugged me. It wasn’t actually broadcast (the hug that is) but it was put into the Argumental Extras on the website. I managed to find it and took a still from it. This is old news for anyone who knows me, but Rufus, if you’re out there and manage to find this, I thank you.



~ by robertftaylor on March 11, 2009.

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