Mouldy Watchmen


Before you read the title and think “Omg, this guy must not like Watchmen. That film was brilliant!”, I’d just like to say that I loved that film. Basically, this all started about a week ago. I had a room inspection but I wasn’t actually at my University when the inspection happened. I was back at home, so I decided to leave a note on my desk detailing the mould situation around my window. I came back on the Sunday to find that my room had been inspected and everything was hunky dory, apart from the mould around the window. They said “Thanks for the note, we’ll send someone to clean it.” Now, as the week progressed, I had less and less expectations of someone actually turning up to do something about it. I mean, my note was pretty memorable so I didn’t think they’d forget. I drew a picture of myself sitting on the back of a turtle with a speech bubble saying “The damp around the window is somewhat unsettling.”

However, this morning, just as I was about to leave to collect equipment to film with (my shoot is tomorrow, wish me luck), I had a knock at the door. Someone from maintenance had finally arrived. Hurrah! He also saw that I had the book “Superman on the Couch…” by Danny Fingeroth lying on my bed that I have been reading for my Comics course. The book is actually fantastically written and found it strange that my academic reading consisted of reading about superheroes. I digress. When I came back later, the mould was all gone and it looked fantastic. I then get a knock at the door and it’s the same guy. This was about 4 hours later, but it was the same guy. He came back to do a spot of painting on the window sill to make it all match. After some deliberation, we both decided it wasn’t needed as it looked fine as it was. Now, as he left, he decided to start talking to me about The Watchmen. He said that he thought it was phenomenal and that it matched his expectations after reading the graphic novel.

Him liking the film was not what shocked me. The fact that he had actually read the graphic novel is what surprised me. He really didn’t look the kind of person to have ever picked up a graphic novel in his life. We completely subverted stereotypes. The guy was pretty cool for someone who cleans mould. Oh, and did I mention that my window sill looks fantastic?

P.S. I also saw Electric Six last night at the Camden Bar Fly. Absolutely brilliant. I will post an update when I get some pics 😀


~ by robertftaylor on March 13, 2009.

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