Mythic Extermination


So, I haven’t posted about Halo 3 achievements in quite a while, so when I finally got my extermination on a Mythic map earlier, it spurred me to do so. I have gotten all of the original achievements and then all of the ones that were achievable with the Legendary maps. I was waiting ages until the Mythic maps came out so I could continue my journey for 100% completion. Now, I had gotten all of the ‘easy’ achievements on the Mythic maps and had only four of them left. Two of them are Infection related which aren’t achievable at the moment due to the lack of Infection gametypes from the playlist, however, they are incredibly easy to get. The other two achievements were “Have Fun Respawning” (get an extermination on a Mythic Map) and “Save This Film” (get a perfection on a Mythic Map).

The chance to get either of these is incredibly low and the skill level to get them is even higher. The extermination is based much more on luck but still requires a great degree of skill. I was playing Team SWAT on SWArbital when my moment finally happened. I popped my head round the corner and popped two guys in the face with one burst. Behind him there was another and he went down too. Then, out of nowhere, the fourth team mate appeared from behind a box and was greeted with a frantic and panicky burst from my BR as I tried to contain my excitement. At last, it had finally happened.

Double Kill. Triple Kill. Overkill. Extermination.

I don’t think the perfection will happen any time soon, but if it does, I will surely let you know. Other than that, I have only three more achievements to get until ODST arrives. I may have to set up 8 Xbox controllers for the perfection. Shush, don’t tell Bungie 😉


~ by robertftaylor on March 21, 2009.

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