Unreal Tournament 3 and Patch 3.1


I feel I am somewhat late to the Unreal Tournament 3 party seeing as it was released in July 2008 and I only bought it yesterday. I have always enjoyed playing UT but I felt a little bit at ends with it after the need for an amazing specced machine in order to play it. I used to have a copy of UT (the original) and played it online with my friends but there were always issues with lag and this could have been down to system requirements. We also only had one disc and managed to pass it round where I live and be able to play without the need of it. So, when I found myself playing UT3 on the PS3 in PC World, I sank back into nostalgia and really enjoyed it. There’s something incredibly nostalgic about the series which draws me to it. I have to say though, the graphics are amazing but the ‘campaign’ is less a campaign as it is just a series of games clumped together with a plot looser than the elastic on a whore’s skirt. I don’t mind playing one game after another, after another, and so on and so forth, but when you get the Warfare mode three games in a row, it gets very tiresome. Also, in co-op, the lack of a mini-map makes it very difficult to tell what the fuck is going on.

Ah yes, World of Warcraft Path 3.1 came out this week and this is partly why you haven’t seen a post from me. The new patch has managed to get me back into the game after losing faith in it. Going on the occasional raid has also made me want to play some more. I got some awesome shoulders from Obsidian Sanctum 25-man which has also made me want to play. I haven’t ventured into Ulduar yet (for I have not even been in Naxx, I’m such a noob) but I hear that the difficulty curve is something that has been needed for a while in Wrath of the Lich King. Whilst Naxx is a bit of a cakewalk, Ulduar is to WoTLK as Naxx was to Vanilla WoW. My brother has also gotten a lot of traffic from writing about the tactics for killing the Molten Colossus trash in Ulduar. Now, I am a man of honour so I won’t be using that to get any more page views, but…




See, was that inconspicuous? If you have actually stumbled across this blog to find these tactics then I shall give a link to where they are. Not out of kindness mind, but because Loz said he’d be very disappointed in me if I used him as a means to get more page views. Click here to get to Loz’s blog where he writes about WoW and his silly little life. I love you really Loz 🙂


~ by robertftaylor on April 18, 2009.

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