Leaving home to go home


So yes, my Easter holidays are finally drawing to a close and means I shall be rocking Hatfield tomorrow. My three weeks back home have been a real mixed bag of emotions and feelings with quite a lot happening in my life. I’ve also had loads of work to do which I finally finished earlier today. My work is clocking in at a colossal 35 pages which had to be printed twice. It kinda sucked having to organise them all and also numbering the pages by hand but as long as I pass this module I’ll be grateful. It’s quite nice using this blog as a way of expressing myself and relieving stress. I am really happy I finished my work and I’m excited to go back to Uni and chill with people there for a few weeks.

We’re meant to have started finding stories for our next lot of studio work and to have come up with some designs for set. I have done neither of these things but I think next week will be a massive rush of sorts for everyone on the course to get their acts together. We’re only back for two weeks for studio work but it will be very little work to do. We only need to go in for two days to actually film, but I fear that the rest of our time will be taken up with prep and a lot of painting. Once we’ve actually filmed our news we will have officially finished our first year as degree students which is somewhat daunting. It also means that I could head back home if I wanted to but I think I’ll stay at Uni for a little bit longer. You see, I’m involved with the production of a music video for an upcoming R&B rapper bloke (is that right? I’m really not in the scene if you will). I also want to spend time with everyone at Uni and just get drunk and watch films. If all goes well, this summer will be pretty epic.

Oh and as for the picture at the top, it’s a little bit of graffiti that I did for my brother Loz. He loves Frijj. He can’t get enough of that shit. Only today did we go to the petrol station and he opted for a bottle of strawberry milkiness yum. I would have bought one, but there was a buy one get one free on Dr. Pepper. Speaking of which, I’ve only had one of those bottles. The other one is in the fridge but not for long. Anyway, I’m off for now. I have a Dr. Pepper to drink.

What’s the worst that can happen?


~ by robertftaylor on April 24, 2009.

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