Back at Uni


Alas, I am back at Uni once again. It’s nice to be back and I’ve already seen a couple of people and even went for dinner and the cinema with one. How romantic…not. Anyway, I’m really glad to be back and everyone I’ve spoken to is feeling really positive and enthusiastic about the rest of the course. The next couple of weeks in studio is going to be really fun and I really hope I get to floor manage. I’ve done all my work so I can sit back tomorrow and chill out to watch the Grand Prix. It’s gonna be pretty sweet.

Also, above is a self-portrait that I did of myself when I was in Year 9 at Secondary School. We had to design something to put on some cushions, so I did a little mini portrait of myself and the other people in my old band. I haven’t changed much since then, have I?

On a final note, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting some peculiar visitors to my site through Facebook. I mean, by all means read my blog, but don’t take any of it too seriously. That’s me off to bed now. Good night one and all. Perhaps I should only say one. Seldom does a day pass where I get more than one view. Good night!


~ by robertftaylor on April 26, 2009.

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