Uni is over and Mythic Recon


My first year at Uni has now finished and I only need to go in for two more days for a final conclusion to what has been a very interesting year. I don’t think my first year at Uni could have gone any better and I don’t see why I worried so much about moving away and making new friends. It has been a real challenge, but has been enjoyable nonetheless. It now looks like I don’t have that much to do until September finally rolls round. Yeah, I know, 4 months of doing nothing. I don’t mind having all that time off, it’ll just be strange having to move away from Uni and not see my Uni chums til I get back.

But yes, our last week was full of deadlines and viewings, along with some Studio work to round off the week. I met all of my deadlines and really enjoyed working in the studio. There was an awful lot of pressure and a whole lot of people management that was needed, but it all turned out rather well. The viewings also went off without a hitch and my films were largely liked. My documentary was shown and my lecturer liked it, so that’s a big enough compliment. My fiction was also shown and there were a few minor criticisms, but nothing so much as to deter me from making any more films. It’s strange though, the only criticisms I seem to remember are the negative ones. Nobody ever remembers the positives.

Also, this weekend has had me snapping some screenshots in Halo 3 in a bid to try and get a set of Recon armor. The competition is to take some screenshots of the Mythic maps from Matchmaking and then tag them with “Mythic Recon”. I’ve ended up with 21 shots that I think are worthy enough for a mention at least. A lot of the shots that I have seen entered are quite generic and not that great. I just hope that I get given Recon so I can finally stop pursuing it. It is a kick ass armor perm that is so exclusive. Just being able to go into Matchmaking with it on will really excite me and make me and my friends play the game some more. Fingers crossed on the Recon armor. Above is one of my shots that I took whilst playing Team Mythic. I actually got teamed up against Mini Waz (who I know from Facility B5D) two games in a row and gave me the perfect opportunity to take some sweet shots.

Here is a link to my file share (LINK REMOVED). Please click on the pictures and then press the + sign next to where it says “Mythic Recon” to increase my chances of getting some sweet new armor. I have some fish fingers and chips cooking at the moment so I really need to check on them. I shall let you know about the armor next week. Fingers crossed.


~ by robertftaylor on May 3, 2009.

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