Moving home, drama and a whole lotta Friend Requests


Huzzah, I am finally moving back home tomorrow and shall be getting cooked dinners and have my washing done for me. Oh, how I miss it so. Moving home will not be an easy task for I have to remove everything from my room and kitchen. It shall not be done quickly or, infact, very well. I will however be venturing back to my accommodation on occasion to grace the path I once trod, and because I need to go to tutorials. I wish it were just the poetic reason.

This week has been filled with drama drama drama. Way too much drama for a single man to endure if you ask me, but what can you do, hey? It has nothing to do with me to be honest, but sometimes you have to pick a side. Have to stand tall, stand firm and stand…can’t think of another one, but you get the idea. I may also be venturing up to Alton Towers at some point which will require an awful lot of travelling and monies. It should be a laugh and a bit of fun. It’s a shame to be going so soon into the holidays when we’ve only just broken up. Might have been nicer to meet up after a couple of weeks of not seeing each other, but then there will be loads of shitty kids running round demanding candy floss and playing those claw machines. How I miss being a child.

So yeah, almost a week has passed since being given the gift of Recon armor. I have had so many messages, so many Friend Requests and whole lotta teabagging. I honestly didn’t expect to get the amount of attention I have been getting, it’s ridiculous. I shall do a proper statistical breakdown on Friday and you may get named and shamed. I will however showcase some of the screenshots that people have been taking of me. That has been the only good thing about getting Recon. You get the occasional message that is nice but most are “OMGZ howd u gt recon?!” (sic). or “Do you work for Bungie?”. I would have thought that nearly two years since launch people may have realised how to get the highly sought after armor. Ahh well.

I shall be back on Friday with the aforementioned statistical analysis, but for now, I need to start packing.


~ by robertftaylor on May 13, 2009.

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