A Week on with Recon


It has occurred to me that I have had Recon for just over a week now and it has been nothing but hassle. I mean, I’ve had a few bits of positivity coming out of getting Recon, but on the whole I’ve only been flooded with Friend Requests and game invites. I decided to do a little bit of a breakdown to get this into perspective.

In one week I have had:

  • 28 Friend Requests
  • 26 “Are you from Bungie?” or “Help me get Recon plx.” messages
  • 5 ‘congratulations’ messages
  • 2 ‘congratulations’ messages that weren’t followed up with a Friend Request
  • 6 hilarious voice messages
  • And finally, one hilarious message that read:

“please give me the recon its my dream”(sic)

One of the only nice things about having Recon is when you look through your game history and see the awesome screenshots that people take of you in your armor. The screenshot at the top of the page is just one of many. A few more are available at the end of this post.

So yes, I moved back home but I went back today to have a tutorial with my ‘editing’ lecturer and I was graded with a B1. Not bad considering I loath editing.








~ by robertftaylor on May 19, 2009.

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