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Hello to all my non-existent readers. I haven’t been bothered to update for a while because there has been nothing to post about. E3 is just around the corner so you can expect something from me on Monday once the Microsoft Conference is over. To be quite honest, I’m only looking forward to the Microsoft Conference and maybe Nintendo’s. I have completely lost touch with Sony for some reason. I was never a big fan of the PS2 and when I was younger I would always keep my pocket money back to buy an Xbox game over a game for the PS2. I never had MGS2, GTA (any of the ones released on PS2) or Final Fantasy X. I never seemed to buy into the hype of the PS2 and would rather play my Gamecube and Xbox. This is a trend that I still have today. My interest is never piqued by anything that is released on the PS3. We’ve seen it all before.

Saying that however, MGS5 is actually been speculated to have a possible 360 release. The Konami countdown is counting down to the Microsoft Conference so the internet has gone crazy with speculation. I honestly couldn’t give a shit if the 360 got MGS5 or not, the Metal Gear Solid saga ended for me after the first game, the rest were just unnecessary. Too many new characters. Ridiculous plot. Re-hashed boss fights from earlier games. The series is dead in my eyes.

Halo 3: ODST is also touted to be one of the big hitters for the Microsoft Conference and I hope we get to see some gameplay footage and maybe a reveal of one of the new Halo 3 multiplayer maps. That would be enough to keep my excitement going until the next bit of info.


~ by robertftaylor on May 30, 2009.

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