It’s been a while

peas a chance

Wow, it has been nearly a full month since the time of my last posting that was just after E3. Since then I can safely say that I have done nothing of productive worth and feel quite bad about the lack of doing anything useful. By now I should have:

  • Started reading short stories to adapt into a short film.
  • Finished my CV.
  • Sent aforementioned CV off for some industry experience.
  • E-mailed the BBC about the situation about my possible work experience.
  • Beat GH2 on Expert.

Well, maybe not the last one so much. I have managed to spend the last month doing jack shit and just bumbling about my house complaining about being bored. I tried to quell my boredom earlier by doing some drawing because it has been a long ass time since I’ve done any drawing. I did actually get an illustration done of myself wearing Recon armor. Hmmm, a little obsessed? Perhaps. I have nobody to play Halo with and have to get my fix some other way.

I might actually go and do a little bit of reading later. Yes. I’m that bored. Why do you think I’m writing this?

On the other side of what I’ve been up to, I did happen to see Transformers 2 last week at a midnight screening and it was pretty awesome. There was a certain level of camaraderie at the midnight screening that there isn’t at a normal screening. I loved the film and really enjoyed the sheer quality and level of talent that has gone into making it. It’s not just the CGI that was stunning; the cinematography was outstanding as was the pace of the film. Large sections of combat that was nicely punctuated with comedy and drama. Bay did a great job at giving (at least one of) the robots a little bit more character than in the first film.

I don’t know what the rest of the ‘holidays’ hold for me, but low and behold it shall be filled with a certain type of boredom not experienced by man before.


~ by robertftaylor on June 24, 2009.

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