Road to Recon Vidmaster: CLASSIC


I have managed to get my hands on an early release copy of Halo 3: ODST and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. The campaign felt like it was the right size and the gameplay was pretty good, but what I wanted to post about today is to do with the Vidmaster achievements. In my previous posts I have speculated upon the difficulty of some of these achievements, but now I’ve actually had some hands-on time with the game, I can give a pretty good estimate upon the actual difficulty of these. As you can see above, this is my progress on the Road to Recon (despite already having the armor perm) and I’ve got them all done apart from Endure and Déja Vu. I haven’t gotten these two done as they require four people on Xbox Live, and because the game doesn’t come out til the 22nd, I would have found it very difficult to find anyone to do these. I wanted to give a walkthrough for the Classic achievement as this may be one of the most infuriating ones to get started on.

The actual achievement is to finish ANY level SOLO on LEGENDARY on LIVE without one SHOT FIRED or GRENADE THROWN. This basically means that you are limited only to using the melee button to clear out enemies. However, should you do it properly, you won’t even need to use it. Before you start reading the guide, there will be some MINOR spoilers in the walkthrough, but only in order to explain the level layout and what you’re dealing with. Turn back now if you don’t want to have some minor spoilers.

Before I started this achievement, I had the task of choosing a level that would allow me to get through it without the need of firing a weapon. I tried a few levels but most of them were pretty shooter-centric. Funny that for an FPS. I eventually had the toss up between the final mission; Highway, or an earlier mission called Uplift Reserve. I tried Highway first as it is all vehicle based so I thought it would be a good start. I started out and then realised that Highway is actually a very long level which has a firefight section at the start. After a dozen deaths I decided to call it quits and eventually landed with Uplift Reserve.

This level can be done ENTIRELY in the Warthog you are given at the start of the level, provided you know how to drive and know which weapons to give your wingman in the passenger seat. The first time I ran through the level I didn’t shoot a single time or throw a single grenade but yet the achievement didn’t ding up. I did a little bit of thinking and I worked out that the achievement might not have dinged because I used the horn and the power-slide button whilst driving the hog. I redid the level without using either and then it did ding up. My warning is, DO NOT use the triggers even once whilst in the Warthog. It may just be the right trigger that counts as a ‘shot fired’ but I didn’t use the left trigger either and I got the achievement. If you want to play it safe, DO NOT use either trigger.

I repeat, DO NOT use either trigger. At all. Period.

Here’s a small bullet point walkthrough for those who don’t like reading. Why would you?

  • Do not shoot
  • Do not throw grenades
  • Give your Spartan Laser to the Marine on the sideseat
  • Have a gunner at ALL times
  • Don’t use the Warthog’s horn
  • Take your time
  • Keep it Clean

Ok, you start the level off as Mickey on the beach and you have been given an SMG and a Spartan Laser which comes very handy later on. Head through the ridge and you’ll find a group of marines with a turned up Warthog. Go over and flip it and jump in and start driving towards the other hogs that already have Marines in them. Now, crash your hog into one of the other hogs in order to stop them from driving and switch hogs. I did this in order to grab a gunner on the back straight away without having to circle some Marines whilst they flat-out ignore me. Now, once you have a turret gunner and a Marine on the side seat you can do one of two things. The first option is to circle around for a while and try to take out the various Ghosts and Choppers as they are the things which will really drain your shields. The second option is to charge straight past them and head through the ridge.

Once you get to the ridge, you’ll encounter a Wraith. Drive round the right-hand side of it and ignore it completely. Next there will be a Chopper. Same as before, just ignore it. The last Wraith may give you some trouble, but just hang a left round the side of it and you should hit the next checkpoint. You’ll then get to a tunnel where there will be an empty Ghost and a medkit station. Grab a medkit (if you need it) and then hop back into your hog. Go through the tunnel and then as you come out, there will be a group of Grunts on your left and a sniper platform in front of you. Go left and mow down the grunts and keep going til you reach a small body of water in the middle of the canyon which should ding the next checkpoint. This next part is quite tricky and will require many, many reverts.

If you don’t have gunner on the back of your hog at this moment, you should restart and not even attempt the rest of the level. If you do, get ready for some tedious moments of killing plasma turrets. You’ll come to a ridge which will have loads of Plasma turrets (the big round ones) and a Chopper which will come towards you. Hang back and slowly reverse so your gunner can take out the chopper. Once the chopper is down, slowly move forwards until your gunner is in range and wait for him to take out each turret one by one. Take out on turret, reverse and then take out the next. Once the majority of the turrets  are down, go up the path on the left and there’ll be another turret. Take that out and then wait for your stamina to come back before heading on. In front of you will be some buildings on the left and various brutes and jackals on the right. Go behind the buildings and put your foot down. Keep bombing it until you get to the next section.

This next section takes the longest but is very easy if done correctly. You should have your gunner and wingman still in the hog, but if you don’t and managed to get them killed along the way (shame on you!) pick up some new Marines. Once you’ve gotten past the initial wave of covenant you’ll be encountered by three Wraiths and various Ghosts and/or Choppers. Now, remember the Spartan Laser that you have? Well, get out the hog and get the guy in the sideseat to take your Splaser. You now have a mobile death machine, if you play it right. Just take your time and take each Wraith one at a time. Be patient. Don’t rush it or you’ll just have to start again.

After this section you’ll go over a bridge and then into a tunnel and be approached with the second to last encounter. There’ll be a sniper tower and some plasma turrets up the side. Take it slow and then head up the ridge. There will now be a big purple circle on the floor with various covenant bad guys crawling all over it. Again, take your time and let your gunner and sideseat do the work for you. Just get in range of the bad guys and then if you start to die, just slap it in reverse and get your stamina back. Now, just put it into fifth gear and go up the mountain. There will be a couple of Brutes running away from you because they can sense your badassery and don’t want to get slaughtered. Run them over and keep going. After you’ve passed two destroyed Wraiths you’ll be near the end of the level. Keep at it, you’re nearly there!

This last section was a little bit of trial and error, until I decided to just drive as fast as I could past the Wraith and Brute Chieftains. Head for the hole in the canyon wall and wait for the cutscene to start playing. Now, if done correctly you should have your achievement ding up after both of the cutscenes. If it hasn’t it means that you either threw a grenade, shot someone, or used the horn on the Warthog. Don’t use that horn, it’s deadly to Covenant forces.

Now you should be one step closer to getting your Recon. Now good luck with the other achievements. Endure and Déja Vu are going to be hard, so get ready to don your ODST armour and knuckle down with your friends on Firefight and Highway. Good luck.


~ by robertftaylor on September 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Road to Recon Vidmaster: CLASSIC”

  1. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya 🙂

    ‘Don’t use that horn, it’s deadly to Covenant forces.’

  3. thanks bro! awesome walkthrough.

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