Megashares? More like Megashit.

Right, unless you’ve been living under a rock for a long time, is a file-sharing site where you can search for stuff (like movies, music etc.) and then download it. Sounds good, yeah? Well, there’s a limit of only 250mb download at a time. This means that if anything is larger than that, you have to wait 2 hours to download another 250mb of data. This isn’t too bad for CDs or episodes of TV shows, but everything else in the world is far bigger. Now, imagine my disappointment when I downloaded ‘Paper Heart’ and for it to cut out after 30 mins.

I shouldn’t really be complaining too much as it is free and they don’t make my fill out a shit-ton of surveys before I can even get close to downloading anything, but it still annoys me.

We finished our filming on Thursday so I am now allowed to relax and kick back with some beers before the course gets back into full swing again next week. I’ve looked through some of the footage and it all looks really nice and I think it’ll be a good first attempt at making a proper mockumentary (I have made a mockumentary before, but I didn’t have a script and we only decided the structure when it came to editing). For those not in the know, my film is about a guy from New Zealand who was World Car Washing Champion in 2007 but had to give it up because he developed Repetitive Strain Injury from his sport. The cameras follow him as he copes with his ‘disability’ and his eventual call to get back into the sport. I hope the edit all goes well and I should be able to upload it soon.

To quell your hunger for pictures and shit, here is a still taken from the footage. His name is Tyson and he loved being washed.


~ by robertftaylor on March 13, 2010.

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