Kick-Ass – European Premiere

Nothing special about today I hear you say. Just another boring Sunday filled with monotony, mundanity and ignoring your family through a roast dinner that you only endure because of that tasty lamb. Ohhh, sweet tasty lamb. Wait, I’ve lost my train of thought here. Ah yes, today was the day when I ventured into London at the god awful time of 7am in order to queue up outside Forbidden Planet to pick up some tickets (and a signed hardback copy of Kick-Ass, signed by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.) to the European premiere of Kick-Ass tomorrow evening. They were giving tickets away to the first 75 people in line and I managed to sneak in at number 49. Whoever was number 76, I really do feel sorry for you.

Now, it isn’t often that you get to go to a premiere and stand outside in the cold, wailing and cooing at any celebrities you think you see, but to have the chance at actually going in and watching the film with the cast and creatives is something to be savoured. If you couldn’t guess by the picture at the top, I’m really excited at the possibility of seeing Christopher Mintz-Plasse and I may even strike up the courage to ask for a photo with him. Nicholas Cage, Clark Duke, Matthew Vaughn and Brad Pitt (he was a producer on the film, don’t ya know?) may also be milling about the screening so I may even come back with a couple of autographs. I shall report back tomorrow with any findings and what-not I may have. If I don’t post anything, it’s because I didn’t get anything and we shall both just ignore my failings. Agreed? Good.


~ by robertftaylor on March 21, 2010.

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