Restarting the Blog

Right, haven’t posted on this thing in what is coming up to just under a year (would be a year in 2 days time, but decided not to let that happen) and thought now would be a great time to restart it. Not a great deal has happened since my last post apart from going to America for the summer and working at a summer camp, traveling the East Coast and Canada and losing nearly 5 stone in weight and getting fit. So, I lied a little. A couple of things did happen. Ah well, that’s the past and is all been and done with now. I may take the time to reminisce slightly about my summer as it was a bold thing for me to do.

I worked at a summer camp in New Hampshire and it was a very different way to spend my summer. I worked in the kitchen and although it isn’t as exciting as being a camp councilor, it was probably the right thing for me to have been doing. I was invited back to work there this summer but I need to think about getting a career in the film and tv industry. I would have loved to have gone back as a councilor this time and got stuck in with all of the camp spirit.

Traveling was good fun and met some amazing people. In particular a certain person I met in Quebec in Canada. If you’re reading this, I think you know who you are and I’ll see you in June 🙂

Ah yes, the weight loss thing. I decided that enough was enough and I would force myself to go down the gym and to put myself on a restrictive diet until I felt comfortable with how I was eating and exercising. I was 17 stone 7 in June last year and I’m now down to 12 stone 11 as I type this. I will probably make some noise on here when I hit the 5 stone mark. It’s been a long process and difficult at times but with thanks to my brother, I’ve been able to stay strong through it all, even during the ‘bad’ weeks.

I’ve also just finished shooting my final year film and have another week of filming other peoples’ projects and then my dissertation will be due in. Not too worried about the dissertation as it’s coming along nicely. Will be grateful when it’s all over and I can start editing my final film. The rushes look great. Oh yeah, the picture at the top is taken from one of the shots we took and I was standing in for the lighting. I think it’s a nice wide. Might be better without my ugly face in it though 😛


~ by robertftaylor on March 22, 2011.

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