Friday Night Boredom

My brother (left) and me (right) at the Science Museum. And yes, we’re twins.

So, it’s a Friday night and I should be out enjoying myself or doing something amazing and fun but alas, I am inside and posting on my blog that nobody visits. Ahh well, at least it’s warm in here. I would go out but you see, everybody else that I know is too busy doing their dissertation or editing that they don’t want to go out. Now, I fully understand such qualms, but that’s why I finished my dissertation on Wednesday. So I can enjoy my last couple of weeks before Easter without stressing about deadlines. However, because I am the only one to have done so, I have nobody to hang out with. My plan has failed. Ah well, I’m going out tomorrow night instead so it’s all fine.

So yeah, not an awful lot has happened since I last wrote but then again, you didn’t expect me to have something incredibly exciting to write. However, I did hit a big milestone in my quest for health. I am now currently classed as “normal weight” according to the BMI index. Yeah, eat that! Or, maybe not. Currently sat at 79.9kgs (as of this morning) but will wait for my weekly weigh-in on Monday. I don’t understand why people think weight loss is such a difficult concept to grasp. They make all these faddy products and diet regimes that don’t work for long-term situations. The reason being is that it’s not just what you eat, it’s what your relationship with food is like. You need to respect food and understand what’s in each part of your diet to get the results. You can’t go on a 2-week “no food beginning with C” type of diet (although, that could be fun) as it won’t change how you think about food. I offer three pieces of advice:

  • Eat less
  • Do more
  • Respect your body

The first two are really quite simple concepts, yet some people never seem to grasp them. If you question whether you should be eating something because it’s either bad for you or you’ve eaten a lot of it already, it’s probably best not to eat it. I mean, yeah, have a Mars bar on occasion but don’t be having one every other day. You don’t need to be eating like a rabbit either. Under-eating is just as unhealthy as over-eating. It just winds me up when you see really obese people complaining about their weight and them saying “oh, I am trying to lose weight. I only had 2 burgers for lunch instead of 3.” Or when people go on fasting diets or incredibly restrictive diets. Those diets are not long-term solutions because your relationship with food hasn’t changed. You end up, more than anything, becoming scared of food or making it your enemy. It’s all self-discipline and in the mind.

I’ll post up on Monday to see if I’ve hit my milestone of 5 stone gone since last July. Can’t wait for the summer.


~ by robertftaylor on April 1, 2011.

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