5 Stone and Home

So, as predicted a week and a bit ago (I can’t remember when, I think it was like last Wednesday or the Wednesday before) I thought I would hit the point that marks a loss of 5 stone since last July. Well, I did hit that mark but completely forgot to post about it on here. I was too busy eating celebratory cake. Hmmm, maybe not the best thing to be doing. I did, however, go out three times last week and got appropriately drunk on all three nights. I think I’m going to have to slow down on the vodka a little bit if I want to get my edit finished. I think I’m about half-way done with it and some of the cuts look a bit crappy and the sound needs A LOT of work done to it. Hopefully when I get a soundtrack under it it will add some polish to it. I intend to get a full rough cut of it done by the end of today and then go through and tweak the cuts to make them cleaner. I’ve purposefully left the hardest stuff til the end to do which may or may not have been a stroke of genius. If you read this next week and I’ve appeared to have gone mad, then no, it wasn’t a good idea.

I’ve also moved back home for the Easter holiday but my parents haven’t been here as they’ve gone off to Bruges. It made coming home not as much of a big deal as one of the best things about being at home is that I don’t have to cook for myself. Saying that, I haven’t had to buy any food either so that’s been a relief. I did join the gym my brothers go to and went for a nice swim yesterday. I’ll make my way down there later today as well and have another swim.

I’m gonna head off now as I have stuff that I really should be doing and I’m totally not using this blog as a distraction from proper work. Honest… Might go to the new ‘Metal Night’ that’s started in town. The old one was really shitty so hopefully this one is a tad better but might not attract the man that was doing a dinosaur dance at the old one. He was in his mid-30s and totally off his face. He was awesome.


~ by robertftaylor on April 13, 2011.

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