Days left of University: 1

Wow, I didn’t think I would be posting about the end of University so soon. The past three years have absolutely flown by at an alarming pace and now I must start my foray into the real world and get one of those things called a “job”. No, I have no idea either. Today I went to the printers and got my DVD cover and DVD disc printed and they look great in the flesh. I didn’t spend too long on the old Photoshop but the above is what I came up with after about an hour of messing about. I tried to get these things done quickly so I had time to play Portal 2. Very good by the way, but not really what this post is about.

Basically, tomorrow is the date of my final hand-in and then I’m pretty much done for my course. I have no concrete plans at the moment but will probably take some time off until August and then look for something a bit more permanent. I plan to move out of my parent’s house by September so I’ll need a job to hold me up for then. I was thinking of investing in some sound gear and freelancing for a little while or applying at a dozen or so production houses and see what comes up. I’ll try not to think about it to much for now and concentrate on graduating and partying a little bit before becoming a proper adult. I’ve actually started celebrating on my own in my room by busting out a bag of Mintrels. My word these things are delicious. Will probably celebrate properly on Saturday and have a little boogie down the Forum. Anyways, I have Portal 2 to get back to. This is why I finish my work early 😀


~ by robertftaylor on April 26, 2011.

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