Visions Festival 2011 and Some General Housecleaning

I didn’t manage to make a post in the last week and there’s no excuse for that other than partying way harder than my body can take. The last time I wrote on here I was kind of half-drunk/tired and in a bad mood. This time, not so much. I had some good news last week and that was that my final year film ‘Right on Time’ was shortlisted for the end of year festival where the 10 best films from the year are entered into and then judged on by a panel of folk from industry. Really surprised I was selected and winning isn’t even the important thing. Just being able to have the privilege of my film being seen by people from within the industry is enough praise. It also means I’ll be able to head off back home on Tuesday and get some free food for a week before I come back to the hardships of student life.

Speaking of which, I managed to go out 4 nights in a row this week before I had to stop and take some time out from being a party guy. The end of year Summer Ball was on Friday and it wasn’t too bad if you discredit the fact that I somehow manage to piss someone off without even being in the same room as them, let alone ever saying a word to them. I don’t mind getting into an argument if I’m actually a part of it, but when I come back from the toilet and then get accused of saying or doing things I haven’t actually done, then I don’t appreciate it. There’s one person in particular that my next sentiment goes out to and if you don’t think it’s you, then it probably isn’t. This guy would know who I mean when I say “fuck you”. So. Fuck you.

Didn’t end up going to bed until 6am that night (or is it morning?) and I’m still tired from that. I’ll go to bed tonight and have the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. That’s the only good thing about getting knackered. The sleep is worth so much more.


~ by robertftaylor on May 29, 2011.

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